Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Best. Apartment. EVER.

The title pretty much says it all! As of September 29th, I have been living with three beautiful ladies who I am fortunate enough to call my friends: Veronica, Tiffany, Rochelle (and Jenna), aka the best roommates ever! The apartment is cozy, but it is wonderful. 

Our first weekend here was an extravaganza - we had a housewarming party that ended at the club "Howl at the Moon" (thanks Doug!) which was so much fun. On that Saturday we had our Canadian Thanksgiving for all of our Canadian friends (and a few honorary members as well).  It was a fantastic night even though it made everyone feel homesick, and the food was a great success. Everyone brought a different Thanksgiving-y dish, so we had a huge buffet to satisfy everyones' needs.  Veronica and Rochelle cooked a 15lb turkey, affectionately named Frankie, which was disgusting when he was uncooked, but I have to admit...I had a little piece of Frankie.  I couldn't not, though! It was Turkey Day, it would be wrong not to eat any turkey! We had probably around 20 people over, which was pretty ridiculous but it was good fun.

Living with these girls has been so much better than any of my other apartments, and it's nice to have someone to come home to at the end of the day.  We have Kyle staying with us for the week while he visits, which has been a treat because everyone wanted him to stay with them (we are the lucky ones :) ). You can see him in one of the pictures below modelling our apartment haha.

Kyle in the living room

The living room and dining room from the "balcony"

I made that shelf! €16 from IKEA, what a steal!

Kitchen, where we cook things.

My and Rochelle's room...very very cozy! But it's actually
perfect for our needs (pretty much just sleeping)

My little space and the closet with the dresser I made :) Those pictures hanging
on the wall have followed me to every apartment in every country I've lived in.

If you want a live tour of the apartment, let's skype :) 

Tonight I'm on my way to another housewarming party - tis the season!