Thursday, 22 November 2012

November in Dublin

This has been a great month to live in Ireland, I can't explain why I'm just so happy! This month started out great when I took my roommates Tiffany and Rochelle to Switzerland for a long weekend. It was a good weekend, but we didn't get to do as much as I would've hoped...I think I was just being overambitious in my planning.  We got in Thursday night, explored Basel on Friday, went out to a few of the local watering holes on Friday night (including Steine Grill...would a trip to Basel be complete without it?!). Saturday we travelled around with mom to Germany for lunch, and then to France to experience the Alsace. We went to the small town of Riquewhir, which was buzzing for the Saturday. Tiffany and I did some wine tasting, because Rochelle wasn't feeling too well. We then drove to Colmar, which was slightly disappointing because I remember it being great around Christmas with the market.  Unfortunately, we were a few weeks too early for the market so there wasn't too much going on in the town but it was still a nice stop.

The gorgeous day we had to see the Alsace
The next day mom, dad, Tiffany and I went to Gruyere for a day trip. Rochelle was feeling better, but still wasn't in the mood to go out for the day so she skipped out on it.  We went to the Cailler chocolate factory, which was kind of ridiculous but a lot more entertaining than I thought it would be! PLUS you got all the free chocolate samples that your little heart could desire! Then we went to the Gruyere cheese factory, which was more disappointing but at least it didn't take too long. We had lunch there, which was yummy (I had rösti with gruyere cheese and poached pears mmm).  Then Tiffany and I went to explore the local castle (I can't remember the name) in the rain. It was a good day!

Tiffany reallllly enjoying "Cherry the Cow" talking to her about Gruyere cheese

Mom and I at the Gruyere restaurant

The next day we weren't too sure about what to do, so we walked the hour walk to Augusta Raurica in the rain...not all of us were happy campers haha. At least we got out of the house! Then we took the train to Basel from Kaiseraugst to go to Lily's Stomach Supply for lunch - always a delicious choice! Unfortunately that was the end of our weekend, and we headed to the Zürich Flughafen later that night.

A couple of weekends later, mom and dad were back to visit me in Dublin, which was really great. It was mom's big 5-0, so I had a room booked for them at The Merrion. I think that they were very impressed with the room and the hotel in general. I used my pull to get them a nice, refurbished room with a garden view, so I was very happy they were happy :) I had set up the room before they got there with cards, presents, wine, etc. We did a lot of shopping that weekend (but of course!) and went out for some really, really good food. We went to the new Jamie Oliver restaurant for lunch on Saturday, and I had made reservations for us at a highly recommended Thai-Vietnamese restaurant on Saturday night. They were both fantastic! Happy Birthday Mommy!

Other than that, I have started my two month stint in the Cellar Restaurant. It has been okay so far; I've been working the breakfast service, which has been fine but I feel like I haven't been getting all the training I need. I've been out on the floor for a couple of shift, which has been okay but I think that the restaurant could stand to be more organized. Other than that, I love everyone that I've been working with and the past 3 weeks have already flown by!

We're all slowly getting into the Christmas mood at my apartment. I bought a new Christmas CD that we were playing, which is always key to getting into the Christmas spirit. I know that Christmas is just going to sneak up on me again this year, so I'm trying to savour the next few weeks. I know I have been in Dublin for over 6 months now, but it's just starting to hit me now that I am over halfway done and I am going to be very sad to leave this beautiful country.

That's all for now!
Jennalyn xoxox