Friday, 28 September 2012

Apparently I love the stress of moving.

Since Zen left, I have been working in room service. I am absolutely loving it - the team is great, and so is the job. It's nice because there's such little contacts with horrible is that to say? Haha but after working in the Drawing Rooms with guests constantly bothering you, it's a nice vacation! It's a very hard department to predict, because you never know when the phone will ring. Because of that, we have to be constantly preparing for it to get busy.  

Now, I won't bore you with work talk any longer. In other news...

I'm moving again! I know what you're thinking..."Jenna, didn't you move less than 2 months ago? Weren't you loving your new apartment?" Answer: yes, I was loving it...when I was the only one there. Once my roommate got back from her backpacking trip, that's when things turned sour. I'm sure that she's a nice enough girl, but we don't seem to have anything in common and I don't feel very welcome in my own home.  So I'm moving in with three close friends tomorrow, and I could not be more excited! It's still in a great location, and even better I'll be living with people I can actually have a conversation with :) I'll give out my new address when I know it. I expect lots of mail!! (Jess and Bailey, you did a fantastic job at sending things at this apartment, keep it up! Everyone else...step up your game.)  

I'll post pictures of my new and improved apartment once I'm in there. 



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  1. Wow, can't think of someone who you wouldn't get along with