Thursday, 31 May 2012


I can't believe I've been in Dublin for almost a month...and I left Canada over a month ago! Time is just flying; I can only imagine how fast the entire year is going to go by. It's been a nerve-wracking, happy, exciting and full-of-new month, but it's been great and I wouldn't trade the experiences I've had so far for anything in the world.

There have been some changes to my life within the past couple of days. My roommates moved out and I have new ones moving in tomorrow. They're a young, Italian couple who moved to Dublin to learn English. I don't know how long they're going to be staying (I don't think they do either) but they're very friendly and I'm sure they'll be good roommates. There might be some communication issues but I will try my best to help them learn English and it'll be grand! ( they say in Ireland).

The other change is my department at work. I had my last shift in the Drawing Rooms for a month; for the next month I will be working in the Cellar Bar. I'm really excited about it because it will be a different pace and more relaxed atmosphere than the Drawing Rooms (at least that's what I hear). There will definitely be a steep learning curve - for example, I need to learn the wine list (25 white, 25 red). But it will be a great learning experience! When June is done I'll move back to the Drawing Rooms to work for another 4 months (I think that's the plan, anyway).

And possibly my favourite news to report this time...I get to see my mom tomorrow! I'm not sure what we're going to be doing, but it'll be fun I'm sure! I owe her a meal at a nice restaurant, so that's at least one thing on the itinerary. I'm sure the visit will be too short, but it'll be amazing to see her in any case.

Happy June, everyone!
Love, Jennalyn

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