Friday, 15 June 2012

The Cellar Bar

Hello friends and family - yes, I am still alive and I am sorry for not writing much (especially to you, Jess).  I have completed a week and a half in the Cellar Bar, and am really enjoying it! It's funny how I've only been there since June 5th, but it feels like that's where I've always worked; I'm sure once I go back up to the Drawing Rooms it'll feel like I never left! The job description is pretty much the same in the bar as in the Drawing Rooms, so it wasn't too hard to adjust. The atmosphere is a little more relaxed (so are the clientele, which is a relief) but it's still a five star establishment, so the standards must be maintained.

As I mentioned before, The Merrion is part of the "Leading Hotels of the World," and to be part of this elite group they must pass all inspections with flying colours (I think the passing point is 80% or something like that?). Internally, there are dozens of "checklists" completed every week to make sure that the departments are all up to par in case an inspector shows up. I have worked roughly six shifts in the Cellar Bar, and have completed two checklists thus far...the first being on my second day! I got a lot of help with the first checklist from my colleagues (as I was just learning), but did the second one all on my own. I got an 86% on the first and an 80.6% on the second, which is apparently really good :) Quite pleased! It was nerve-wracking the first time because the people evaluating me were the Food & Beverage Manager and Assistant Manager, but it's ultimately for your own good so you can learn from your mistakes. It seems strange that I've completed two in the Cellar Bar already but didn't do any checklists during my three weeks in the Drawing Rooms (none that I know of anyways...)

Other than that exciting news, I am sick and have taken two and a half days off work this week. On Tuesday and Wednesday I left my bed only a handful of times, but the rest was good for me. They don't want me working in a restaurant if I'm contagious, anyway!  I'm feeling a lot better now and am going to head back to work tomorrow. I don't have any plans for Sunday (the bar is closed on Sunday, so it's nice to not have to work!) but if the weather's nice I might want to venture outside of Dublin, or perhaps go on a picnic...or both! I'll take lots of pictures, don't worry!

Love you, hope you're having a good summer
xxx Jenna

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