Monday, 27 August 2012

Irish Times with Zenon

Just a quick post to update you about my life here in Dublin. I, unfortunately, don't have any pictures in this post because I haven't had the chance to upload them onto a computer yet. Zen got to Dublin on Thursday morning, and it's been so splendid having him here! We've hardly spent any time in Dublin so far, so we still have a lot of sightseeing to do around this area. We went out with some of my friends on Thursday night - I think Zen was quite jet lagged but he was a trooper and danced with us anyways! On Friday we took the train up to Belfast and were there for a couple of days. I'll explain more of what we did later; in a nutshell, we did a day long tour of the Northern Coast (highlight being the Giant's Causeway) and on Sunday we did a Black Taxi Tour, which taught us all about the history of Belfast's "troubles" over the past 40 years. Our tour guide was a taxi driver who lived through the troubles (he told us he's has a gun held to his head on five separate occasions). The city itself wasn't very pleasant (although Zen liked it) but the history is rich and they still have a lot of work to do until the city can be peaceful again.

Today Zen and I went to the Merrion for some tea and scones, which I think he liked! My favourite part about that was being able to use the guest washrooms, which I had never seen the inside of before! They were so fancy!!! I guess that's to be expected, but when you use the drab staff bathrooms, it's quite the contrast.

On that note, hope you have a wonderful evening. We're off to Fitzgerald's Pub to meet with the usual USIT Monday night crowd.

Jenna and Zen :)

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