Tuesday, 7 August 2012


I MOVE TOMORROW WOOHOO!!! I am almost all packed (aka I still have a lot to do) but I think I'll work best when there's pressure applied (meaning an hour before I have to leave).  I have two suitcases full so far, and I expect all three of my suitcases to be unbearably heavy...at least my new apartment has an elevator! I'm moving at 1PM tomorrow, and I'll definitely be posting pictures of my new place once I get there. My roommate is backpacking for the next 3 weeks (or so I've heard) so it'll be a few weeks before I actually meet her. At least I'll be able to get settled in without disturbing her.  

Other than that, I still have my exam on Friday to study for. And Zen gets here in just over 2 weeks!! What a great month :') 

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